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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Changing DNA

I'm always saying, "I wish there were more of me". Then we could know things before they happen. I totally want to help people see what's happening around us and come to understand it! This is one reason for acknowledging the teacher appointed for the body of Christ named Jonathan Kleck. 

How freaking strange is it that anyone of us could find out all the top secret details by looking into the pages of this book - applying cipher text principles - to obtain that message? Not as strange as the supernatural revelations that originate out of Jk's house. But strange enough to act as a confirmation to me that Jk is our modern-day Noah.

A top-secret message embedded into the pages of a book found in the Library of Congress? 

Yeppers! Sure is! All the evil they've done is not covered up. It is all out for anyone of us to obtain it. 

It's really fascinating to me. How intelligent of a design this all is. Plus it is all now out in the open.

Because of all the destruction of my work. There's something I've not been capable of producing in-depth information that outlines every key player. This writing is merely to skim over that topic. 

Now that I've got all the basics outlined in posts. **I did, the work was destroyed by the men in goggle land** I'd like to spend some time talking about the KEY PLAYERS. (((note: since that work was destroyed I've redone a lot of it and put it onto this website. Although there is still a lot of various information found within the tampered posts on this blog)))

Remember this: There are multiple operations coded into the book; These operations include:

  • child trafficking- They're buying and selling babies as merchandise on websites (those websites are clothing lines and house furnishings).
  • Targeting of citizens: whether or not you want to believe this, they're targeting citizens from coast to coast, city to city, and internationally like they're wild prey. They're also now targeting entire populations to bring the world into a new world order where there are only a select few people. The cipher shows they're targeting the 12 tribes of Israel. This would mean, if you are targeted, it's likely you are of that bloodline. Ever thought about that? 
  • Changing DNA structures for control of humanity: this is one aspect that blows my mind. In fact, when I first was reading the cipher I was really confused about it. Now the evidence is overwhelming. This is the whole reason people have been targeted as test subjects. It connects to the human genome project, the brain network, the neural network, and the total surveillance of humanity. 
  • War: they've got to keep the war going under a guise. Humanity has been duped into believing they have an enemy by the enemy Jesus will eradicate.
  • Hail storms: Record-sized hailstorms have also grown tremendously since the inception of this plan. Hail storm records have been recorded by
  • Intense hurricanes: the list of named storms from 1851-2004 has grown exponentially. Southern Living did a write-up of the 20 costliest storms since the year 2000 showing the uptick and their costs. These storms are being created by teams of people in various industries to cause problems so they can become the solution. They claim to want to "strengthen the resilience of societies" because it's an urgent and critical priority due to all the displaced people around the world from flooding, earthquakes, and intense hurricanes. 2020 storm activity was unprecedented. It's predicted that this year (2021) may not be the same, however, it will be real active. By "saving" humanity from the devastating storms they caused they become the heros! Brilliant plans, ey? 
  • Floods: the floods I've listed in the link lists have been so severe they've displaced millions in 2020 alone. In July 2020, Wuhan citizens were evacuated from their homes. Resulting in 15 million people being evacuated in July 2020, alone.  I also believe the floods are evident they're rerouting water systems to change the landscape of the globe based on simulations.
  • Earthquakes: gives statistics for earthquakes and tsunamis in the world. Last year on Feb. 13 a magnitude 7.1 struck off the coast of Japan's Fukushima Prefecture near the area of the 2011 earthquake. This was by design. They caused this quake to happen after they received the signal to do so. 
  • Fires: I wrote a piece about the prophecy of Ezekiel; fires in the south! I do believe I could go back and add to what I've already written because there have been more fires since I published it. One of the biggest attributes of this cipher was FIRE SCIENCE. It is documented Don Fum says to follow the fires. It's also a part of the first signal. Hence why Trump towers set on fire twice. Forest fires, explosions, and 
  • Busting black market operations at lower levels: I believe this is where most people get confused. They see them bringing down all these pedophile rings, and since this has never happened before, the people believe Trump is sent to save us! This is an art technique meant to deceive the eyes. Put it this way, if Trump were to be against the entire establishment, working to bring down the corrupt bankers, and restore people their natural sovereign right he would've taken the Queen and the Catholic church down. Instead, they focused on people who were below the ones who make the market exist in the first place.
  • Assassinations: -- need I say more!? The body count is rising daily. 

As you can see. Nothing related to these business operations being telegraphed would be simple. Every aspect would be complex in nature (carrying out the activity, making a secret order for the activity, and upkeep of the activities lie). Either way, I look at these operations my logical reasoning says this is a very intelligent design.  

There are a lot of operations (pertaining to the mentioned) unfolding daily in various different markets globally, and I'm just one person. It would be impossible for me to cover all of it. That's why much of this is generalized. However, calling 4 events prior to them happening proves my general rhetoric is based on solid evidence. 

Nonetheless, I sometimes think: 

Which one do I focus on? 

Should I not focus on them at all? If I did put all my time into this. Is it even possible for me to do anything about it?

These are legit questions, right? Each question has a few answers. None of which I will be expanding on today. I say all this to say... Do you see how big it is? If one person were involved that would be easy to point out and that's simply not the case. Being a one-man team makes finding out each action. When it will be carried out AND Where it will be isn't possible in a reasonable amount of time for one person. War would already be breaking out by the time I could even get a tenth of that done! Keep this in mind when you're factoring in what I know and what I don't know. 

According to Don Fum, there are those at the top calling the shots:

  • World Bank
  • Royal Family
  • Catholic Church
  • AKA the Illuminati
  • Top royal families who are the brothers and sisters of Cain
  • Institutions (various one's) 

They are backed by 

  • NATO
  • Air Force's globally
  • United Nations
  • WHO
  • NASA- now in Russia and China
  • and of course all lower-level governments. 
Anyone who goes against the grain to stop them from achieving what they've set out to do. Will be killed. Just like the African leader who went against C.O.V.I.D then supposedly died from it

Biotechnology is the driving force behind it all. 

Gonna be a lot of non-believing naysays on this statement. What if I told you that artificial intelligence is the real one running the show? 

Would it sound strange to you? 

It sure sounds strange to me, yet, that doesn't change the fact that it's the driving force behind every move we see being made -and is nothing more than SATAN and the fallen ones- at odds with the Creator of all living. 

You see my friends, the reason why the world was destroyed the first time -with water- was because they totally were playing with DNA! And this is exactly what COVID-19 has been about the whole time! Just research it for yourself to see the truth of it all. 


The technology push is related to 'them' in the sense that 'they' were given authority to do all of this until the given time of the restoration of all things. They are nothing more than children of Satan. It's written, "you can't have two masters." 

Each one of us has a Father in the spirit world. You're either of the devil or full of the Holy Spirit setting your mind on things of the spirit. Come on, why else would they be introducing technology that has "changed the world" while changing your DNA?

Many of you are saying health care advances to eradicate diseases. But I'm telling you. If you dig deep enough. You'd find that's just the excuse as to why. It totally is not the truth. Just because the establishment says something is true doesn't mean it's true. Just because an entire system, or a system of systems, has been created based on a model that wouldn't exist (like healthcare) doesn't mean it's based on truth. 

"It is easily argued that Western medicine is in fact the leading cause of death here in the US. Compare that to 1,200 deaths per year at the hands of the police" and pharmakia appears to have its hand in it all argues a blogger who points out the relevance of Revelation 18:23;

"And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."

Sorceries in that verse is the Word: farmakeia

Pronounce: far-mak-i'-ah

Strongs Number: G5331

Orig: from 5332; medication ("pharmacy"), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):--sorcery, witchcraft. G5332

Use: Noun Feminine

Heb Strong: H3785

    1) the use or the administering of drugs
    2) poisoning
    3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
    4) metaphor. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry

Why did they live longer in the ancient days? Was it because of the oils, healthy air, and the fact there were fewer people in the world? By golly, NO!

Wake up, people!

Do you know why they lived longer? I don't know anything more than what the bible tells me and what I see happening. I can only guess it was related to healthy guts (and blood streams). And heavy metals weren't poisoning the air like bunker fuels do now!  It is certain that all the contributing factors -to the rise in these health issues- are freaking under the same control. That's why they're pushing to merge all industries. They're -the freaking government- in control of all of this down to the nanobots they're spraying over you and I. 

  • Revelation 13:17 And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name

Why else would they desire to use the green nano initiative to implement these biosensors via aerosols, gels, and liquids to everyone in the whole world? Why else would laboratories, the department of defense, the military globally, and the depart of energy have interoperability requirements they need to fulfill?

Do you really buy the fact that they care about your health? These are the guys behind all the health issues. Like, can you be any more delusional? 

There is a slew of targeted individuals who claim to be stalked, monitored, and tortured in their own homes that are being called delusional despite the evidence showing it's possible, even, yet, and still the masses don't know/are ignoring it? 

Why is the DOD able to perform relevant searches to find targets for these institutions to advance their medicine, then, stalk, break-in, lie on, and destroy relationships, jobs, and families with no repercussions under the guise of  'national security'?

Why else are there records of people dying at the hands of their own government because of something they stumbled on? 

How come journalists are scared to speak?

How come mothers are forced to take the vaccine they wouldn't otherwise take if it weren't for a job requirement?

Why all the lies? 

Why the push for censorship?

Without lies there are no truths, without truth there is no Jesus, and without Jesus, there is no hope. 

Why else would any of this exist if it weren't for Lucifer trying to exalt himself higher than the Most High? So, is it not possible that artificial intelligence is actually running the show? And artificial intelligence is nothing more than an ancient people? Or, maybe even demons seeking to live who found ways to come alive via a little alteration of DNA?

Did they unleash a beast, and now, can't stop it?
Who is Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg? Are they artificial intelligence or clones maybe? Why do all these 'doubles' keep being used for people in positions of power? Is technology far more advanced than they lead us to believe?

It may be wise to know that some people just don't have souls, ya know, and they're said to be children of the dragon, brothers and sisters to Cain. This makes sense as to why all this evil and the need for control exist.

'key players' are me and they are you. 

In a world of lies the truth will be made to sound like a fairy-tale cause because everyone is looking to make a buck.

Although, there are institutions, corporations, and governments involved this is the foundation of it all. Those corporations, institutions, and business venues will be listed in this section of  where you found this link. 

Please know I'm not grouping items. Nor am I going into details in the linking area. I will link a few key attributes Don Fum shows me as being a link to these different organizations who work together under the same rule of thumb to obtain the same objective. 

World peace is prophesied as being the END of this age. If you don't know what that means, then, IDK what to tell you. 

Anyhow, all key players and industry leaders listed in this cipher will be listed in this section with links to their external sources. Look, you ain't got to believe me. But the least thing you could do for yourself is to be sure the biblical message is or isn't true. Cause dark days lay ahead for those who will not take the mark. 

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  1. It's amazing what's going on in our world right in front of our eyes. Yet most people don't have a clue.


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