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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Photonic Therapy!

In an effort to expand on my writing titled 'Human Computer'. I've compiled a list of topics that needed expounded on, and as an affiliate to various companies, I've got to find ways to keep me afloat to continue those efforts. Links found on this site help me financially. I appreciate your support and understanding. Life's not free for me or you. But you can freely help me by handling your various needs through my provided links! 

Understanding Photonic Therapy is one of the many topics that will heighten our understanding of the world we live in today!!

You are a light being affected by light. ❤️

Introduction to Photonic Therapy

Photonic therapy, also known as light therapy, is a treatment method that utilizes low wavelength red light to improve various aspects of health. It has been backed by decades of scientific research and has been shown to lower pain, increase circulation, speed up cellular repair, and activate acupoints. The power of targeted light stimulates a healing process called photobiomodulation, which energizes the body's cells and promotes vibrant health. Photonic therapy can also be combined with acupuncture points, resulting in a holistic approach called photopuncture.

The Science behind Photonic Therapy

Photonic therapy works by targeting the mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses responsible for producing energy or ATP. When the cells are exposed to light with a wavelength of 660nm, a specific enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase is activated, leading to the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide enhances vasodilation, increasing blood flow to the area of injury or imbalance and promoting the body's natural healing process.

Additionally, photonic therapy triggers the release of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within the cells. ROS signals the immune system to support cells under oxidative stress and provides a protective buffer around healthy cells. By supporting normal cell cycling and circulation throughout the body, photonic therapy can have a positive impact on various conditions and help maintain overall health and vitality.

Applications and Benefits of Photonic Therapy

Photonic therapy offers a wide range of applications and benefits. It can improve wound healing, reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, and age spots, enhance facial texture, and improve the appearance of scars and sun-damaged skin. It is also effective in managing skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. Moreover, photonic therapy promotes hair growth for individuals with androgenic alopecia and can help alleviate acne.

Furthermore, red light therapy can be used to minimize the side effects of cancer chemotherapy, relieve pain and inflammation associated with conditions such as ankle tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoarthritis of the knee. It has also shown potential in preventing cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Overall, photonic therapy is an emerging treatment with numerous potential uses. While more research is needed to fully establish its effectiveness, it is generally considered safe and produces minimal side effects. However, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider or dermatologist to ensure the appropriate use and effectiveness of this therapy for specific skin conditions.

Red Light Therapy for Skin Health

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy, non-thermal LED light, or soft laser therapy, is a type of photonic therapy that utilizes low wavelength red light. It aims to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne. NASA initially researched red light therapy for plant growth in space and wound healing in astronauts, leading to its exploration for various other medical applications.

Mechanism of Action in Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is believed to work by stimulating the mitochondria in the cells, providing them with more energy to carry out their functions effectively. It stimulates collagen production, increases fibroblast production (which makes collagen), enhances blood circulation, and reduces inflammation in cells. These biological effects contribute to improved skin health and rejuvenation.

Effectiveness and Safety of Red Light Therapy

While red light therapy shows promise for various skin conditions, further research is required to determine its full effectiveness. Many studies have been conducted, but most of them have limitations such as small sample sizes, lack of placebo groups, and limited human trials. Nevertheless, preliminary results are encouraging, and larger, placebo-controlled studies are necessary for conclusive evidence.

Red light therapy is generally considered safe, with no associated side effects when used as directed and for short-term periods. It is a non-toxic and non-invasive therapy that does not involve harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. However, misuse or improper use may lead to skin or eye damage. It is recommended to seek treatment from a qualified healthcare professional or dermatologist to ensure the safe and effective use of red light therapy.

Photonic Health Therapy for Animals

How Photonic Health Red Light Therapy Works

Photonic health therapy for animals follows the same principles as photonic therapy for humans. The application of red light with a wavelength of 660nm stimulates damaged tissues and activates cellular processes. The cells in an animal's body, including stem cells, contain functioning mitochondria, which play a crucial role in energy production. When these cells are exposed to red light, the mitochondria release nitric oxide, leading to vasodilation and increased blood flow. This enhanced blood flow promotes healing and facilitates the absorption and circulation of nutrients, supplements, and medications throughout the body.

Benefits of Photonic Health Therapy for Animals

Photonic health therapy offers numerous benefits for animals. It accelerates the healing process, providing pain relief and comfort to animals. Additionally, it maintains normal body processes, supports cellular turnover, and promotes healthy skin and fur. By increasing blood flow to nerves, photonic health therapy helps calm nerves, decrease pain, and facilitate nerve healing. It also improves overall circulation, preventing platelet aggregation and the buildup of plaque.

Application of Photonic Health Therapy in Specific Conditions

Photonic health therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions in animals. It is effective in managing skin conditions such as sun damage and scarring by increasing cell turnover. Furthermore, it has shown positive results in supporting the healing of wounds and reducing inflammation. This therapy can be used to improve musculoskeletal conditions, including tendonitis and arthritis, by relieving pain and promoting tissue repair. Additionally, it has potential applications in preventing the recurrence of cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Overall, photonic health therapy is a valuable tool in veterinary medicine, providing a holistic and non-invasive approach to promote the well-being of animals.


What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy, is a treatment that utilizes low wavelength red light to improve the appearance of the skin and address various health conditions. It stimulates cellular processes and promotes collagen production, blood circulation, and tissue repair.

How does photonic therapy tighten skin?

Photonic therapy tightens the skin by increasing collagen production, which improves the skin's structure, strength, and elasticity. It also increases fibroblast production, supporting the formation of collagen and connective tissue.

Are there any side effects of red light therapy?

Red light therapy is generally considered safe and does not have any associated side effects when used as directed and for short-term periods. However, misuse or improper use may lead to skin or eye damage. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or dermatologist for appropriate use.

How long does it take to see results from the therapy?

The timeline for seeing results from red light therapy varies depending on the specific condition being treated. For some individuals, noticeable improvements can be observed in a few weeks, while others may require several months of regular treatment to achieve desired results. It is important to follow the recommended treatment plan and consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance.

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1.Photonic Therapy Institute

2.Red Light Therapy: Benefits, Side Effects & Uses - Cleveland Clinic

3.What is Photonic Health Therapy?

Saturday, April 29, 2023

UFO or Milton Coopers warning?

As the bottomless pit is beginning to open strange reports seem to be coming in. Could they be true or something someone predicted as technological advancements to deceive humanity? I will let you decide!

Feb 12, 2023, CNN reports,

Opinion: The strange objects in US airspace may be an even bigger problem than we thought, Badck in 1956 a General reports on an Unidentified object that seems to be showing its face once again. The sightings of these strange crafts were coming into naval air bases long ago. However, it was pretty much hidden from the American people. That so isn't the case now. The US government is saying these objects "fly with impunity" in our airspace. They tell us, these crafts have been sighted swarming over naval ships. They don't think it is China, Russia, or any other nation. So, what will they do about it? That question is still up in the air. Although, we do have a new branch of government. Space force. Surely they will work that out. Right?
((chuckling: Who has ever read, Behold a Pale Horse? If you haven't. Now is probably the time. Here is a link.))

Space Force is being put to use already (how convenient). Reports of a "light show" over California came in. The Guardian reports: "McDowell told the New York Times the likely culprit was communications equipment dumped from the International Space Station in February 2020. The orbit of the debris had shrunk since then until it was low enough to burn." What are your thoughts on the March 2023 incident?

"Winning in the world of the elite is everything. Indeed it is the only thing."
 William Cooper Milton

May 17, 2022, Footage of bizarre metallic UFO shown by Pentagon officials at historic hearing (now that congress said it I guess we must believe it?)

On another note: The last meal of prehistoric dinosaurs seems to be easily figured out with the new technology they have to analyze things. April 16, 2023.  

April 27, 2023, You know the b.s. story about evolution right? Well, they believe information that isn't found in the human genome is probably what made us human. (These scientists are a cult working to disprove the bible and it's gotten really out of hand with this mRNA thing.)

Jan 20, 2023, The Guardian reports a strange-looking red cloud over Turkey. People believed this was a UFO. Although, it resembles female genitalia they say.

Here is an old 2016 post by Mehmet Cetingulec who claims he saw a UFO but he didn't want to say anything at the time in an article titled: Is Turkey Hiding UFO Encounters. However, soon after his sightings others saw them. A few different reports came in from various sources. None of which I will cover. I just posted this to show they have been talking about the UFOs they're now seeing in Turkey for quite a while. Is this what William Cooper was talking about?

I will let you decide.

Here is a 2023 twenty-minute compilation of UFO sightings.

Am I a hoax or am I a omen of what is to come?

LOOK HERE ----> Russian Residents report a strange creature scaling a building

Jan 9, 2019 A lotte seismograph recorded what a deep hole may sound like. The interested girl said when she heard the sounds "the hairs on her stood up". Could she have heard the roaring thunders of Hades?

Ah, let's leave some truth here. After all, it is written in John 8:32. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set ya free. 

Thursday, April 20, 2023


Paying attention to the Prophet Jonathan Kleck is beneficial in so many ways. One of the biggest would be. His ministry has uncovered ALL of Satan's kingdom. When you become a tree that's been removed from the forest you see with clarity! 

Those who are stuck in the HIVEMIND system see only what their controllers want them to see. I was doing my normal news searching and ran into an article out of Benziga that's really about leveraging blockchain and making it easier as well as more affordable for people and HIVEMIND is paving the way...

It is fitting for what is transpiring these days. Just to make note of Hiveminds movements for the HUMAN COMPUTER book 

[April 06, 2023]

Huddle01 raises $2.8M led by Hivemind to build the 1st decentralized communication network for their video streaming (live communication) platform. The US and India-based company is building the world's first decentralized real-time communication (dRTC) network. This start-up company has now raised 4.5 million since its inception. 

About Huddle01: "The brainchild of Ayush Ranjan and Susmit Lavania, Huddle01 (video platform like zoom) was co-founded at the 2020 ETHGlobal hackathon with a vision to make real-time communication open, secure, and borderless by leveraging blockchain & crypto-economics." The infrastructure (developer SDKs) has over 100 projects built on top of it in multiple categories. By Q4 of  2023, the dRTC-based network will be launched. This will eliminate the need for centralized servers for the real-time video communication available from Huddle01. To learn more visit,

"Hivemind Capital Partners ("Hivemind") is a crypto-focused investment firm dedicated to blockchain technologies, crypto companies, and the digital assets ecosystem. Hivemind leverages a converging multi-strategy approach to create start-to-finish capital solutions for entrepreneurs and provides the category-leading infrastructure to institutionalize crypto investing." (Benziga News Online)

Decentralized means: "that power or function is dispersed from a central to local authorities. (here) It is the dispersion or distribution of functions and powers, specifically the delegation of power from a central authority to regional and local authorities. (here) In the context of networks, decentralized means that no single entity owns or controls the network, and decisions are made collectively through a consensus process. (here, here) Decentralization is the distribution of functions among several units, where no single entity has complete authority.

 Business drivers of economic factors. 

((executive summary))

Part of 

((evolution strategy))

The Notice of Disposition, is it for technology that is continually being touted as "new" or "innovative" inventions? YAY for crypto. (when they aren't new, heck they own the UFOs everyone is seeing, and they're playing it off as if it is some outer space aliens) ((hand on face))

We are all one step closer to getting our heads cut off or taking the MOB

What does it mean to be called an NPC? Is this the HIVEMIND? The race within the race of humanity that Lady Gaga was touting?

((number of abstract methods))

HIVEMIND investment money grew and around the same time 

The HIVEMIND cohort program is announcing the 2023 program schedule. The Carlson Center for Innovation  and Entrepreneurship should help students 

((student learning programs))

Ole Don is a work of art. Just gotta study with him if you want to know anything about anything going on. He knows more than anyone who is "awake" and can really eliminate the guessing. 

((part of a series of posts))

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Link List

A manhole explodes in Massechussetts. I have been saying these events would be happening. Here we have it. They're 

LAWRENCE —  This is the 2nd sinkhole in the last three years. "A gaping sinkhole at a historic mill site resulting from a deteriorated underground South Canal pipe has drawn the attention of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The Lawrence Hydroelectric Project’s new owner, Patriot Hydro told federal regulators they will fix the underlying problem by summer." Meanwhile, local officials and others say the sinkhole heightens the reasons for canal maintenance and why should continue to be tied to the hydro company’s license to operate. "The sinkhole’s cause was believed to be water leaked from — a pipe — and from a downspout on the New Balance Footwear Company building, according to an incident report Patriot Hydro filed with FERC in January. Patriot Hydro told regulators that it has restricted access to the sinkhole and no injuries resulted from it." The city's land-use planner said he had heard nothing about the 16-foot-wide, 16-18 feet long, and 12-foot-deep hole. He also expressed concerns about the route the water is taking. 

In the article, it is clearly lined out... It is a pipe in the ground

Who else told us these pipes in the ground would cause problems?

Don! I've told y'all this a number of times. Faulty pipes would be to blame for major land shifts. 

4/6/2023 Daisetta, TX a sinkhole swallowed a lady in her car. She got out before the car was fully pulled down. Since then, residents have packed their bags and are ready to leave. This post is seeming as if this just happened in April. I shared this sinkhole a couple of months ago. So, it is not an April 2023 sinkhole. Thought that was important to put out here. 

4/10/2023 Man falls into 50-meter-deep sinkhole in Hà Giang. It took them 10 hours to get the man out. 

North Carolina, Sinkhole on April 5, 2023, Bus - with no occupants - fell into it outside of a theatre. Glad the kids weren't hurt. Thank you, Father.

On April 11, 2023, Fire in Indiana evacuates residents that were downwind from a recycling plant that let off big plumes of black smoke in its inferno. Guessing they didn't get enough ground covered with contamination from the Ohio Train derailment or the Kentucky barge incident

Did you know that Don showed me they planned on cleaning all this mess up? Look at the sinkhole in Daisetta. They're saying it was first tied to oil/gas operations. Just like Don TOLD US. 

Monday, April 3, 2023

Sinkholes & Random News Worthy to Know!

Numbers 16:32 “And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods.”

The Lord God told me about 8 months to a year ago. Tell them, "the ground is going to open up and swallow some of you". 

Ever since then, I've seen so many reports of the ground opening up and people falling in. Look at how the sinkholes are now.

March 31, 2023, Bentley Rd in Marietta there in Metro Atlanta. An apartment complex has a sinkhole that is being ignored. The sinkhole is weeks old, it's barricaded off, and it causes residents to have to walk a long distance to get out and into their homes. The complex says they've hired contractors to fill the hole. However, that takes time. So people need to be patient. 

April 4, 2023, Repairs are to be made on a small sinkhole in Pasadena on I-710

Approx. 3/15/2023 Site of 2019 Collapse in California. This site in California is now growing because of inclement weather. The site experienced more damage on top of what happened in 2019. Hasn't been fixed because they're arguing over who will foot the bill. (How convenient) The jury is deliberating on who owns the land and the land is still crumbling in. Could this be in part to the land previously being an island that a wealthy man built decades ago? According to the article, the apartment complex where the sinkhole is located was known as "Monkey Island".

  • "The average household income in La Habra is $95,334 with a poverty rate of 12.8%. The median rental costs in recent years comes to - per month, and the median house value is -. The median age in La Habra is 37.3 years, 35 years for males, and 38.6 years for females."

I believe they steer the direction of the people - in terms of where they migrate to - the fact that this area is for war-aged men and women appears strategic. 

4/3/2023 Bournemouth, "biggest one I've ever seen". A resident and a lawn caregiver report the sinkhole fooled him at first. When he initially saw it he thought it was a pothole. Upon further inspection, he is shocked. The hole is pretty deep, and with rain on the way, it could grow larger.

California has been experiencing sinkhole issues a lot lately. Potholes are everywhere and the rainfall expectancy is going to make it worse. California has had 12 atmospheric storms this winter season that hasn't ended yet.  All this wouldn't be strange if I didn't anticipate this happening, which is why I follow this stuff. 


3/2023 Victoria and Ventura Street closed overnight for a sinkhole. 

Plumas County CA, April 3rd, 2023, The sinkhole is fixed! Last week sometime it shut down highway 70. Mind you the west coast of I-70 has been closed multiple times over the last few years because of incidents. I believe they will take i-70 completely out so you can't pass through the nation easily. I-71 was also shut down from potholes. I know a guy who is forming groups of believers and communities for the coming days. You can always reach out to know more. If you pass the test. I will get you connected. It's a way to have the community help each other. 

Pacific Palisades, CA (Beverly Cres) "Less than a week after a mudslide forced nine people to evacuate from their homes in the Pacific Palisades, residents who live nearby (and other Southern California residents who live near hillsides) are worried their homes are next," reports stormtrack from Pacific Palisades.


In other relevant news. Artificial Intelligence can now assess the roads. Before you know it, you will see robots everywhere manning everything. These connect to the advanced network infrastructure I've mentioned many times. You can bet your arse funds will be made available for cities to implement Roadbotics.

And one last topic. I've posted in various places. Reports of people hearing loud booms across the states. It's my understanding these booms have been tied to low-level explosives used to blow hard bedrock-type sediment to smithereens so that the river of water below the earth's crust could move the sediment and cause the crust to shift around the North American Craton (changing the Delta's of the world). The end result is to have the Mississippi River running through America large enough to handle all the world's cargo. This means it will expand and wipe out a lot of neighborhoods. This is why sinkholes are happening (least partial reason). There should soon be big reports about ground movement causing explosions. Maybe this is why places are setting on fire now? Not a lot of truth coming out about that stuff. Anyhow,

11/24/2017 "Loud, booming noises have startled people across the United States, and it was unclear what was actually happening or if the separate events were even related. Residents in Alabama, California, Idaho, Michigan, and New Jersey reported hearing similar mysterious sounds. Most recently, the noises were heard in Colorado, CBS Denver reports."

It would be five years ago that these incidents began. If not sooner. I can only imagine they've had this vision for a long time. Their parents, and their parent's parents, probably worked the plans to cause what is happening now. That is how well thought out the plan is. 

3/4/2023, Leicestershire, Loud Mysterious Booms 


This sonic boom was a fighter jet, according to the Guardian. The RAF jets were escorting a fighter plane. 

Here is how the article reads:

"A loud noise thought to be a sonic boom, which was heard by many people across England, was caused by RAF jets escorting a plane.

The plane had two people onboard and was flying from Iceland to Nairobi, Kenya via Southend when it lost contact and had to be escorted to Stansted airport, police said.

In a statement, the force said: “A flight has been diverted to Stansted airport after communications with the pilot had been lost. The plane was escorted to the airport by RAF jets and landed shortly before 12.50pm [on Saturday].

“Officers are engaging with the pilot and inquiries are ongoing.”

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed that Typhoon fighter jets were sent from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire to help the aircraft. A spokesperson said: “Typhoon aircraft from RAF Coningsby offered assistance to a civilian aircraft and were authorised to fly supersonic.”

Remember, the Family Motto for the Trumps? Per Ardua Ad Astra "through adversity to the stars" or "through struggle to the stars?" The - in your face - innuendos are so blatant. 

FOX 5- SAN DIEGO —Loud booms "in San Diego in this month, according to officials from Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. In a public service announcement Friday, Camp Pendleton says a noise advisory will be in place starting Saturday, March 11 until Friday, March 17."

East Aurora, New York 3/17/20, Loud booms are heard across the city. People were on social media talking about it. But no one knows what it was about. Surely it wasn't gunshots. Everyone in New York knows that sound. This, they don't know. Could it be the aliens?

4/2/2023 5 Tornados touched down. Residents of Cinnaminson, a Philadelphia city, said, "they've never heard wind like that." This reminded me of the wind here. It was so intense the curtains were blowing in the wind in front of a closed window, in a house with no windows open, and doors closed. It was fierce. I bet they were worse though. The storms touched down in New Jersey, Jackson, Ocean County; Howell Township, and Sea Girt, in Monmouth Country. The states are taking a beating! 

May the Lord God Almighty keep you and your families safe - if you've been getting right with Him - if not? You are on your own. Hey, I gotta keep it real. It is what it is. 

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sinkholes for Feb. 1, 2023

In California. Jan 31, 2023, Another driver ignores the road closed signs and drives right into a large sinkhole. These things are getting larger every time I see one. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023


 Long Island sinkhole lady fell in and two other occupants of the house who came to save her fell in behind her. It took police and a neighbor to get them out. 

Joaquin, Tx sinkhole a car just avoided the barricade and drove right in. This article proves to me there are many more sinkholes that I don't know about because people weren't involved. It would seem that the article I read the other day was right. Someone stated, "unless a person is involved you won't know about the sinkhole". They're hiding this stuff for a reason.

Jan 25th, 2023. This article proves all my other writings on what is causing these things to happen. 
A car fell into a sinkhole in the 700 block of Feliz Place in the Clardy Fox area of South-Central El Paso on Tuesday afternoon. The sinkhole was created after a coupling failed. The El Paso Fire Department said the driver was able to exit the car. No injuries were reported. "A preliminary investigation revealed that a coupling, a device used to hold two segments of pipeline, failed Tuesday, resulting in a leak that caused the pavement to break on Feliz Place," El Paso Water said in a statement Wednesday. "The water main itself did not break as previously reported."

Normandy TN Jan 21, 2023, Sinkhole closes US 41a the westbound lane. TDOT says nothing is under there. 

Jan 24, 2023, A 20 foot wide sinkhole in Cape Kiwanda Oregon state park operators put out a warning for it. 

Jan 23, 2023, A dump truck gets stuck in a sinkhole after going onto a Collier Canyon Rd in California. 

Meridianville, Alabama family is dealing with back-to-back sinkholes. They want the public to be aware of their situation. Please, read up on it here. Also, in the article is a newscast covering a sinkhole in a Detroit neighborhood

Daly City in California also had a man in his vehicle fall into a sinkhole on Jan 3, 2023.

Jan 4, 2023, Swansea, IL Storm drain has become a hazard. The sinkhole appears to have been an issue for the last 20 years, However, they used to be able to get a little dirt and fill it in. Everything would be okay. Not now. The resident, and his neighbors, don't know what to do. 

The list just continues to grow! 

Thursday, January 26, 2023



Don Fum's mysterious directions say what? Let's find out together!

Starting in the name Jelliken. 

Little history to help you understand what I'm seeing. I've matched the cloud patterns to the day directed for locations in the cipher off world-view. Which means the aerosol, gel, liquids mentioned in the cipher is applied the the air just as I thought. The names are like a puzzle. You just pull line items from each name to form that picture. 

Check out these Key PLayers to the NANO push Don Fum says is so important. 

There are two reasons for the push. One is to sicken and control the population while the other is to use it as preventative medicine.

For instance, the character name Gertrude Baroness Trump eludes to the use of RNA. RNA nanotechnology is a branch of nanotechnology concerned with the design, study and application of synthetic structures based on RNA. RNA nanotechnology takes advantage of the physical and chemical properties of RNA rather than the genetic information it carries.

If I'm reading this cipher correctly Don Fum is saying the MIC is working together globally under the guise of climate change to spray different nanomaterials onto the populations globally. 

Because I'm targeted and I know for a fact the aeronautics engineer I met named Don Ashford contracted with them, I couldn't help but use myself as a way to gauge what this thing is saying. You see, back in 2005-2007 I was really sick and I kept going to the Doctor to get help. Doc said nothing was wrong with me. After a year, my visits became more frequent, and I was really ill. Doctor Gahl out of Muncie, IN (with AHN) said, "you need a psychiatrist". I cursed that man out (shamefully) and got me a new doctor. 30 days to the date of him telling me I needed psychiatric help (for massive weight loss, the inability to work out like I did six days a week, and fevers) I was told I needed to write my will because I was not going to make it out of the hospital. 

I was told at 29 (just a week prior to my 30th birthday) I was not going to make it. Now that I've Don Fum's mysterious directions I know without a doubt this is the plan to bring in the new world order and to target the remnant of the 12 tribes of Israel. It may be a jumbled mess while it's in its cryptic format. However, I know without a doubt they're using molecular biology to target the 12 tribes with military tactics.  

By using particle physics and nanotechnology. 

So when I got sick I was not treated right at the docs office.  The Doc totally ignored all my claims for a year, and dismissed my weight loss, along with my change in working out. He told me I needed a psychiatrist. Then 30 days to that date I had a 103.7 fever and was admitted into the hospital. 

My new doctor said I wouldn't make it. I was going to die. 

The admitting nurse was giving me a catheter and said to me, "Oh, my how have you been walking?" I'd laughed and said, "I wasn't walking you wheeled me in here". 

She said, "NO! I mean how have you been walking for the last three or four months?" 

I told her the situation and she said she would sue the crap out of Dr. Gahl. 

I should've. I really should've sued him and American Health Network for the traumatic injury to my body for dismissing my illness to the point I almost died.

Now, looking back on it -with Don Fum's mysterious directions- I can't help but see what happened. 

There are trillions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry. There are also trillions of dollars in research and development of pharmaceuticals for advancements in Medicine as well. 

According to Don they've already done the research and are merely deploying their tactics on unsuspecting citizens. As well as specified targets. While they roll out reasons to use their "newly" developed nanotech in medical offices across the globe. 

Oddly, ordinary law-abiding citizens are targets. I being one, can pick up many of the attributes from the cipher that would be related to targeting the health of citizens via nanoparticles being sprayed on them (or by using some of the other methods they use). I will try to explain this in a manner cohesive enough to follow along. There are many components to everything coming from each character's name out of the book. 

By the time everything is listed properly. It will be a fairly large book. I'm going to stick with the biggest aspects to begin with and build on this in later posts. 

I've come to learn nanotech is RNA and it can be controlled via computer systems. I believe that's why many targets complain of microwave technology. They've done just as they've always done in times past (used citizens as test subjects without their permission). 

Imagine this while you read through this writing.

I'm targeted. I got sick as a child often. There was always a hidden hand in my life causing weird things to happen. Mostly smear campaigns that started as a child. The first smear campaign was when I was 14. A girl said I'd had a hotdog stuck in my vagina and had to go to the hospital to have it removed! It ruined my childhood and really followed me into my adult years. 

Anyhow, these tactics I've identified (and will briefly touch on here) are military-style tactics used on dissidents. Although I know this is a spiritual war we are living in (and these are devils doing what they do) I believe I landed on a list because of agent orange poisoning that comes through my Fathers bloodline. This caused them to keep an eye on me for the duration of my life. As well as to use me as a test subject for their developing technologies. At around the age of 6, I'd seen a UFO hovering over our house with my mother, brother, and sister one day. Now, I almost feel as if all of this is interrelated somehow for a good reason. 

#1 I encountered really odd situations with my doctors that my brother and sister didn't.
#2 When I was older I began having break-ins when I lived alone. One time my panties were coming up missing. I mentioned this to my mother. I'd jokingly said, I wish they'd leave me money to buy some more. Another pair come up missing and I found a 50 dollar bill in my room that I know I didn't leave there!

Were they listening to my calls? 

It freaked out. I moved out as quickly as possible (this story is longer than what I'm saying here). 

Anyhow, my next home caught on fire from sparks coming out of the walls. Set up to get into another place I'd encountered a few strange scenarios in the new house. Such as my tags on my car being stolen. Another time I'd left my stuff at the house and needed to go back and get it. I'd had my phone in my hand tossed it into the passenger seat. Ran into the house to get what I left and when I returned about a minute and a half later my phone was missing. It happened so quick I felt like someone had to be following me to do it. 

These sorts of scenarios kept happening frequently. Break-ins where money was missing overnight. Items were coming up gone often and then later being returned. And people seemed to know my business without me ever speaking about it to anyone as if I was being spied on?

Then, being sick and going to the Doc's just to be told I need mental help, but always ending up hospitalized with some illness that was septic? I couldn't make sense of any of it. So I merely dismissed it all.

But what really was happening? Since then they've tried killing me so many times. I've even seen military-style operations that were carried out by men and women of different races, ethnic backgrounds, and of all different ages. Some people had their very own children involved. It was like I was living in a bad movie! 

What if I was on this list as a kid and they found a way to poison me with their molecular biology technology? What if they were sending signals at me so that I would get sick? What if they were not allowing doctors to see my illness by simply fixing all the tests that were being done on me? Does it sound as strange to you as it does to me?

I've lived it. I believe they spent decades using their military powers to put molecular biology stuff into peoples food (or maybe they administer it when they're sleeping) and then they keep track of the research project with rogue groups?

I believe it helped them to advance their world domination plans all while testing the studies they were developing. Such as nanotechnology. Plus, this helped them to kill off the 12 tribes of Israel without them even being noticed?

Well, here's a bunch of aspects in DFMD and some of the facts. I'm using line items from Don Fum's mysterious directions to show what Don Fum is saying.

Don says:

Aerosols, gels, liquids

Nanoparticles are found in aerosol injections. Don fum has an entire system related to space, the upper atmosphere, mesosphere, and stratosphere, and relates to their radar system (surveillance) put in place. Also, I matched the locations of the Universities to the cloud patterns on the day Don Fum said they would be deployed. So it is very clear the universities are the grid they're using to spray these aerosols. 

According to "Aerosols could be injected into the upper atmosphere to engineering the climate by scattering incident sunlight so as to produce a cooling tendency that may mitigate the risks posed by the accumulation of greenhouse gases."

The way they gauge the effects of nanoparticles in aerosol injections appears to be regional. For instance, Gertrude Baronness Trump says Tuesday and Thursday. There is a list of Universities in this name. This would be the grid they use to spray on Tues and Thur's aerosol injections. DF says mouse units of biological toxicity are based on population reports. It is also mentioned to gauge and repeats the methods. In my assumptions, I'd say they get the medical reports of regions and base their operations on what that report says. 

It would appear someone at the top of the corporate ladder knows what's being sprayed and where. Cause they're ordering the stuff to have it sprayed. Plus, Don Fum gives the different elements of what they're spraying. There are places like Fischer Science that are involved in the making of this stuff. Plus, they're sending out pilots to spray it. Well, then there's a health system put in place that allows medical providers to report health effects. Such as which tells what illnesses are popping up in places across the globe. 

So let's say the hierarchy wants to kill 30,000 people in a month. They would use x amount of biological toxicity to put into aerosol injections. They go out spraying this stuff every Tues and Thursday in the specified locations. Over the course of the month, people are going to the hospital for various sicknesses. These sicknesses are logged and mapped for hierarchy to gauge the outcome of their activities. would then log if there are respiratory, std, or vectorborne alerts and where they come from. This would allow for the hierarchy to determine if they've used enough or too much. 

I will put line items applicable to my assessment straight from Don Fum's mysterious directions. Then, we will put what we learn together to form a picture. This post is the first of many posts. Each subsequent post will be titled the same as this one (except for the number at the end). This is part #1

Gertrude breakdown:

  • palliative medicine
  • Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Promethium: "Promethium is a chemical element with the symbol Pm and atomic number 61. All of its isotopes are radioactive; it is extremely rare, with only about 500–600 grams naturally occurring in Earth's crust at any given time. ... Chemically, promethium is a lanthanide. Promethium shows only one stable oxidation state of +3." " Most promethium is used for research purpose. It can be used as beta radiation source in luminous paint, in nuclear batteries for guided missiles, watches, pacemakers and rados, and as a light source for signals. It is possible that in future it will be used as portable X-ray source." "Active since roughly 2002, the Promethium advanced persistent threat (APT) group has been exposed time and time again by security researchers and civil rights outfits for prolific surveillance and intelligence-gathering related to political targets. "
  • Prime meridian (zero longituted)
  • Probability of Mutation (genetic algorithms)
  • photographic memory
  • Polarization-maintaining (fiber optics)
  • purpose-made
  • pulse modulation
  • prototype model (engineering)
  • playmemories (software; Sony)
  • Patient Movement (US DoD); Definition. The act or process of moving wounded, ill, injured, or other persons (including contaminated, contagious, and potentially exposed patients) to obtain medical, surgical, and dental care or treatment. Functions include medical regulating, pre-hospital patient evacuation, and en route medical care.
  • Particle mesh: a mesh networking tech built on Thread, and designed to connect the spaces in between existing Wi-Fi and cellular deployments local networks that are low-cost, secure, and ultra-reliable. 
  • Polymyositis (Immune disease causing muscle inflammation)
  • Peritoneal Metastasis
  • Pons-Medulla; The medulla contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting, and vasomotor centers regulating heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. ... The pons (part of metencephalon) lies between the medulla oblongata and the midbrain. It contains tracts that carry signals from the cerebrum to the medulla and to the cerebellum.
  • propulsion module
  • Polymer Morphology
  • Passage Material (US DoD)
  • Passmonster (security software)
  • propomesial
  • Unconditioned Response (psychology)
  • Usage Record (computing)
  • Technology
  • Transition Metal
  • Thoracic Vertebra (prefix, as in T-1, T-2)
  • Thymine (DNA base)
  • Transmissivity
  • Primary immune system white blood cell
  • Total Nitrogen
  • Twisted Nematic
  • Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Gene
  • School of Sciences and Engineering (various schools)
  • structure systems and engineering
  • Society for Scientific Exploration
  • Steady State Efficiency (energy measurement)
  • Siemens Science Experience

Let's just stop here for this post. Let's apply some of my thoughts and studies to these line items. 

School of science and engineering is an actual school. But let's just say there's a dualistic meaning. One that everyone knows and one that only those on the inside understand. You've a target. This target was given some nanomaterials in their food. Someone has been assigned to track their every move, send specific signals their way to alter their DNA or the RNA that was administered to them. The human body is a structure of systems that can be altered using energy. 

Is this even possible? this is a question we will search out in these writings. 

I would like to note: I'm applying for disavility because of my illnesses. I've lost the ability to move my arms like everyone else. I've also got problems of being dizzy and sick frequently. Notice how 

  • Thoracic Vertebra (prefix, as in T-1, T-2) 
is noted in Gertrude? What if they gave me something that attached itself to my spinal cord? The symbols T1-T2 represent the 12 thoracic vertebrae. One of the many areas I've had a problem with since I was a child. In fact, I've my pediatric medical records that show I've had a lump I've complained about in my neck as far back as 7. At 5 I began complaining about headaches being in the ear. Now, 43 years later and I can assure you that these are related. Which means since I was 5 years old I've had a problem with my ear and my back. It's now on record that I've spinal degeneration in every area of my spine. Spinal stenosis in the neck and lower lumbar regions. This region of the vertebra controls abdominal muscles, lower back, stability and support. Pain from this area can radiate to other areas of your body and not be centered where the injury actually is. My skin is always burning and this area of T1 thru T12 provides sensation to the skin.

So, is it far fetched to say that they could've done something to me when I was younger and now I'm feeling the effects of it?

Well, let's just see. Is it possible to use a nanoparticulate to inject into the spine?
Yes, it is possible. In fact, there are multiple studies on this. Nanoparticle technologies in the spinal cord.

If they can use it to produce something good. Isn't it possible they could also use it for something bad? Of course they could. 

2021: "The President's 2021 Budget requests over $1.7 billion for the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), with an increased investment in the foundational research that will lead to discoveries that will advance a wide range of areas including key Industries of the Future."

It is said on Azonano, "“You only have to look at how IT made a huge difference to both the US economy and US military strength to see how crucial technology is,” says Harper. “Nanotechnology is an even more fundamental technology than IT. Not only has it the ability to shift the balance of military power but also affect the global balance of power in the energy markets.” In their report of Worldwide funding for nanotech they list countries with a budget to support research and development of nanotech. 

In Don Fum's mysterious directions are key terminologies associated specifically with nanotech. I'm no were near a scientist. Nor am I even slightly educated in the research and development of the tech -or the diseases for that matter-all I can do is write down connecting attributes from the cipher and see what information comes up. 

The particle Physics in You- "About 99 percent of your body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. You also contain much smaller amounts of the other elements that are essential for life."

According to Don Fum these are key players/instruments in the nanotech push

The Defense Forum

Department of Defense

Global Netoptex Inc; Business ID C3004719  business type is listed as foreign stock. Incorporation date 6/27/2007 address is 2269 Chestnut street PMB#290, San Francisco, CA 94123The Company's line of business includes providing computer processing and data preparation services. Current resident agent is "REGISTERED AGENT SOLUTIONS, INC.". This business registered office address is "2269 CHESTNUT STREET, PMB#290, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94123". Global Netopex Inc has multiple partnerships. And is also listed as optex a global network active in over 30 locations. they're building "a better future" by using sensing technology to create a safe, secure and comfortable global society." In the USA Optex incorporated has sensors for intrusion detection, automatic door and other special applications. Fiber SENSYS, INC is also associated and they deal with fiber-optic intrusion detection systems. 

BigWorld have formed a strategic partnership with Global Netoptex, INC. 

Cage Codes stands for "Commercial and Government Entity. It is a unique 5 character alphanumeric identifier that is required for a company to do business with the government. International use is performed throught the NATO codification system, or NCA, and those are NCAGE codes. On page 1653 Global Netoptex is listed."

NIH is a line item term out of Dfmd

NIH offers special grants and contracts for research with special consideration. 

DDF Summit:

Key Business Terms:
Network Industry (frequent in company description of the new economy)
New Institutionalism (EU)
Nuclear Instrumentation
Natural Interference

References: nano sleeve